March 2017 Welcome from Frank Hupp

Our 12th annual banquet and fundraiser is in the books. We had some
successes and a few challenges. Our attendance was a little smaller than
previous years. Our donations were also down significantly which affects
our ability to sponsor more projects and activities. Hopefully more of our
members will get involved and help. We need to start asking for donations
by about mid-summer.
We had a number of first time attendees this year. That is always exciting.
We heard a lot of comments about how well our banquet preparation
was, how good the food was, and how much fun that they had. Of
course there are always a few glitches. Fortunately they were pretty minor.
Our volunteers were marvelous. They always come thru for us. I did
not get everyone’s names and I would not want to give a list of names
because I know that I would not get everyone. I just want to state that we
had a number of first time volunteers helping with the banquet preparation,
set-up, and at the banquet. The first timers and the seasoned volunteers,
and you know who you are; and all of you who attended made this
banquet a success. Thank you.
Frank E. Hupp, DTM, President, Columbia County Chapter OHA

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