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Febuary 2017 Welcome to OHA Columbia Chapter

Welcome from your president. I hope that your new year is starting out with a good bang. It is almost time to get your applications in for your hunt selections, or am I the only one who is getting anxious for hunting season to start. Well for you goose hunters it is going on now, but I do not hunt waterfowl any more. We are getting close to our 12th annual Fundraiser Banquet. It is on February 25th. We are having weekly meetings at Sunshine Pizza on every Thursday at 7 p.m. Hope to see many of you there. We could sure use your help, as always; there is a lot to do and not enough hands to get everything done. Let’s hope that there is no snow or ice for our date. I am so glad that our newsletters are back. Please give a great big thank you to Don Maywald for what he has already done for our chapter and for the new look of the newsletter. Please send him an email with your thoughts.

Columbia County Chapter President, Frank E. Hupp, DTM